Leica MPC1350

We Buy / Sell Your – Leica MPC1350 iCON Grade 42 Grading System (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Leica MPC1350 iCON Grade 42 Grading System (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Sell Leica MPC1350

Leica iCON grade 42 can dramatically increase machine utilization, productivity and optimize material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading contract. It can be used with a wide range of sensors and combines ease-of-use, unrivalled flexibility with intuitive and powerful software.

The key to the Leica iCON grade system lies in our unique PowerSnap™ concept – a single docking station allowing easy and quick exchange of panels, depending on the job you need to do. Simply swap the 2D with the 3D panel or even transfer the panels between machines. Just snap the control panel into place and get to work.

Key Benefits:

Increased productivity
Maximizes your machine utilization and return-on-investment from day one, by getting right to grade the first time

Selling MPC1350

Save time, setup and go in minutes. The iCON grade 42 system remembers all your settings
Increased flexibility
Unique Snap-on & Snap-off capability
Easy removal of key components for overnight security. One docking station for all panels
Fully scaleable from basic 2D entry system to full 3D capability in the same control panel. Laser, slope, sonic, GPS and total station control options
Simple upgrade step to 3D – buy a 3D-ready panel and upgrade later or rent the GPS/Tracker and 3D software only when you need it
Reduced costs
Faster job cycles reduce operating costs
Reduce labor costs by reducing or eliminating grade checks

Unrivalled Flexibility
Why be restricted to buying a complete dozer or grader system for each machine in your fleet? Leica Geosystems’ unique Snap-on and Snap-off capability allows you to change from one configuration to another as the job demands.

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