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We Buy / Sell Your – Topcon MC-R3 Machine Control Receiver 3 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Topcon MC-R3 Machine Control Receiver 3 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Sell Topcon MC-R3

Topcon’s MC-R3 is the heart of Topcon’s 3D GPS+ system. Providing either solid brackets for permanent mounting or magnetic mounting for portability, the MC-R3 contains all of the GPS receivers, radios, and controllers in a single “built to last” housing. A built-in MINTER panel provides status lights and function keys for easy performance verification and system checks. The MC-R3 also features an Ethernet port, increased processing power over the previous generation box, and additional valve drivers to account for the widest array of machine compatibility.

Selling MC-R3

Topcon’s 3D GPS+ can be used in combination with other grade sensors such as Sonic TrackersĀ®, slope sensors, and laser receivers.

For use with Motor Graders, Bulldozers, Compactors, Scrapers and Box Blades.

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Topcon MC-R3



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