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We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble MS990 Smart Antenna GPS Sensor For GCS900 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble MS990 Smart Antenna GPS Sensor For GCS900 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Sell Trimble MS990

The Trimble MS990 is a rugged and reliable new GPS-based positioning sensor, the MS990 is designed to provide advanced positioning capability with Trimble GCS900 3D Grade Control Systems.

Product Description
The MS990 is the only commercially available integrated GPS smart antenna that offers the performance enhancements of a new Trimble RTK engine and supports the newest GPS signals.

Each unit contains a GPS receiver, antenna, and isolation system all in a single housing. It is designed specifically for installation on the blade or cab for use with GCS90 3D Grade Control Systems.

Selling MS990

The MS990 uses an advanced RTK engine to provide faster system initialization times when satellite lock is lost. It also allows the GCS900 Grade Control System to increase machine productivity and utilization in tough areas of the jobsite, where tree canopies or other obstructions may exist.

The MS990 supports the L2C and planned L5 modernized GPS signals, improving performance of the GCS900 Grade Control System in job site areas where dense tree cover exists. The MS990 can also utilize signals from additional satellite constellations such as GLONASS. When combined with signals from GPS, this reduces system downtime when satellite availability is obstructed, such as when working against high walls or in deep cuts.

MS990 Features and Benefits

The Trimble MS990 still optimally supports current GPS satellites and now features:
• An advanced RTK engine providing faster initialization times when satellite lock is lost andbetter receiver performance when working in where obstructions exist.
• Tracking of GPS modernized L2C and the planned L5 signals to increase the performance of thesystem at longer baselines.
• Support for additional satellite constellations, such as GLONASS that can increase systemutilization during periods of reduced GPS satellite visibility.
• Utilizes a standard, easy to use and remove mounting bracket with quick release adjustment which enables the MS990 to be quickly removed for daily storage for security purposes.

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